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ArrowLoop - finally seeing the light at the end of a long tunnel

Today I achieved something I long lusted to acheive, I made the step from fix to loop.
Basically by going from the applicative order Y combinator:

(define (y f)
((lambda (ff)
(lambda (xx)
(f (ff ff) xx)))
(lambda (ff)
(lambda (xx)
(f (ff ff) xx)))))

(define (fak f n)
(if (= 0 n)
(* (f (- n 1)) n)))

((y fak) 5)

to writing the same in lazy haskell:

y f = f $ y f

fak r 0 = 1
fak r n = n * r (n - 1)

-- ghci> y fak 5 ----> 120

someone told me that
fix = y
and that fix and loop are closely related.
I found an aspiring blogpost and thought it would be fun to
do the fibonacci recursion instead of the simple factorial.

That resulted in:

data SF a b = SF {runSF :: [a] -> [b]}

instance Arrow SF where
arr f = SF (map f)
(SF f) >>> (SF g) = SF (f >>> g)
first (SF f) = SF $ unzip >>> (first f) >>> zip'

instance ArrowLoop SF where
loop (SF f) = SF (\ins ->
let (outs, rs) = (zip' >>>…