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Back again

After a lot of meditation over efficient programming styles, some new ideas finally condensed in my defected mind:
always underestimated is the emotional aspect of coding, in a team environment one must be able to critisize and be critizised; also bad code pisses me of so much, that it pulls down my overall productivity
test driven development saves time, most of the timeclear structure and good documentation helps, because maintainance will be nicer (see 1.)usefull integration testing is a far away dream, never to be reached in a pure XP manner including acceptance tests.jira is cool - combined with good ole paper on the wall does best. customer requests - the customer(or any other person not a freak) will not put sufficient details for a bug or a feature request into the bugtracker or be helplessly faced with a complex and flexible task of specifeing an issue, here improvements to the GUI to reduce complexity by providing more project specific defaults would be nice)
wikis are usefull,…