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Recent Comparison of jMock 1.1 and EasyMock 2.2

My Colleges and me are in the process of figureing out wich mock frameworks to use. One of my colleges has experiences with jMock and I have used diffrent versions of easymock. We wanted a detailed comparison to help us decide what the strengths and weaknesses are of the diffrent Mockframeworks. During a web search we discovered this comparison between jMock and Easymock. Although, regarding the authors background not necessarily, but to me most likely, this comparison of Jmock to an unspecified version of Easymock is biased towards jMock.
Many diffrences/disadvantages in this comparison are obsoleted by more recent versions of Easymock, and speculating on the version used in favour of the author would imho result in 1.3 wich dates way back to 2005.

The desription of the link to the jMock project on the easymock project page, states that jMock opposed to easymock uses
another approach to define expectations that results in more flexibility to set expectations (you may specify almost ever…

Future of Webdevelopment

The longterm future in Webdevelopment is for sure associated with fading boundaries between systems that provide a service wich incorporates distributed knowledge to form new knowledge, wich it distributes, probably only to one client in a secure fashion.

These boundaries are hard boundaries in terms of possible incompatibilities between interacting systems in heterogenous environment. We are confronted with securtiy issues, incompatibilies in protocol interpretations and service metadata propagation for automatic wiring of resources as opposed to hand crafted wiring as i.e. done with hyperlinks between dynamic system with a proprietary but similar structure, we are confronted wich diffrences on many layers of abstraction and orthogonal technical aspects like the necessesity to transform data not only to diffrent semiotic representationens but also to devices with diffrent availibility and diffrent means of human interaction.

As diversity greatly increases, the call for unification and …