Friday, August 08, 2008

Got Religious

[this is the only religious post you will ever encounter on this blog]

After an excessive amount of thinking, reading and
weighting pros and cons I came to the final conclusion that
actually and deep down in me, I beleive that
1. God exists
2. Christianity makes sense

Many, many arguments exits against 1 and also 2.

But as soon as you accept 1. arguing against 2 becomes
really hard. All objections brought into field against 2. failed to
convince me finally; ok some of them convinced me at first,
and it took years to find out that they were errornous.
Many objections seem clever at first, but really contain
discrepancies or stem from pure ignorance.
Most of those uttering them, do not really reflect
these objections very well. A nice example is
the following "objection" against 1. and partly 2.:
"If god was almighty, could he create a
stone so heavy, that he can't lift it?"
It takes a bit of thinking, but is actually easy to debilitate. I will
leave that as an exercise to the reader, I really don't want to
take the fun out of this; I am sure, that also atheists will
see the inherent logical problems in this objection :)

I think that most religions can be unified to a common theme,
I therefore believe, that some religions contain an abstract
common base, that is below a thick tangible layer of
"stories" - I prefer christianity, as it is the only one
I know just good enough, to see how deeply consistent and
consistent everything is. Although some peices seem odd or
paradox at first, they make sense if you dig deeper and
think about them...

Regarding 1. How could a reasonable scientist exclude
the existence of god, without leaving many
questions open, and without entangling themselves in inconsistencies?
Well even if my ignorance/stupidity is not a
convincing argument that 1. is true, and you believe that
something in this world *whatever that is* exists, you end up
beleiving in some immaterial properties - one way or the other.
I beleive that these properties exist (and might even be corner stones of a
creation done be an intentional, allmighty being, which some call god) and are
basic expressions of the Holy Ghost - as are the brain brain activities,
that ask themselves now, wether this make sense or not.

So ... please do not assume that I will bother anyone with my personal beleivesystem
anymore, I just wanted share these thoughts, that's all I'll ever write about that

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