Tuesday, September 12, 2006

my first migration of a legacy project to maven 2

I had to do migrate a legacy webstart swing application to the maven build process. The app was build into several(signed) jars from a single source directory(containing a mix of java files, property files and html help files). The app was deployed with webstart.

Sometimes the pom file reference and settings file reference were helpful...

Important is the introduction to maven lifecycles.
Interresting is the fact, that maven uses plexus container for IoC, reading the comparison, I figured I should try using plexus in another project...

These are the steps that needed to be done to migrate the project:

1. Install 3rd party jars into the local repository
- I checked in this repository

2. use the maven2 jar plugin to create a manifest wich points out the main class:
Maven2 Jar plugin

3. use the jar plugin to sign the jar
- use the maven keytool plugin to create the keystore automatically after reading this page.
- add the jar plugin sign goal

4. use the assembly plugin to creat a a zip file with my (bad practice) manually created jnlp file.
- read the assemply plugin introduction

this pages describes howto use the maven-antrun-plugin.

5. create the appropriate ant build file

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