Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Back again

After a lot of meditation over efficient programming styles, some new ideas finally condensed in my defected mind:
  • always underestimated is the emotional aspect of coding, in a team environment one must be able to critisize and be critizised; also bad code pisses me of so much, that it pulls down my overall productivity
  • test driven development saves time, most of the time
  • clear structure and good documentation helps, because maintainance will be nicer (see 1.)
  • usefull integration testing is a far away dream, never to be reached in a pure XP manner including acceptance tests.
  • jira is cool - combined with good ole paper on the wall does best. customer requests - the customer(or any other person not a freak) will not put sufficient details for a bug or a feature request into the bugtracker or be helplessly faced with a complex and flexible task of specifeing an issue, here improvements to the GUI to reduce complexity by providing more project specific defaults would be nice)
  • wikis are usefull, although sometimes they suck!
  • eclipse on badly configured linux workstations sucks, too..
  • everything in the world could be modelled by interfaces ... but doesnt have to be....
  • doing today what you think, you might need next year, and hence imposing privations upon oneselves until next year, just to realise then, that you have to do it a diffrent way due to some fucked up details, well ... this actually does suck, also very badly
  • well, ... and last but not least... using Java for web applications sometimes sucks too: no higher order functions, no continuations, no cool typesystem, apart from some bright highlights: laborious and longnamed language syntax

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